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Standard Tapzo Smart Card


Share all your contact details, links and more by tapping a Tapzo smart business card onto a smartphone. Update your details anytime without needing to re-print ever.

Track how many people you have networked with by seeing how many profile views and contact downloads your Tapzo Profile has received.

The future is now, upgrade to a smart business card today and start networking smarter, not harder.

8 Billion ‘paper’ business cards are thrown away each year. That’s a staggering 28 billion gallons of water wasted in their production, not to mention the plastic laminated coating makes them non-recyclable. There’s a better way. Tapzo is an innovative solution – sustainable smart business cards which can last a lifetime.

Want a custom design printed on your card instead of a standard one?

We ship worldwide! 🌍 (Excluding the EU)

Multiple employees in your team?

We offer special pricing for teams with multiple employees that are looking to order smart business cards for each employee. Get in contact with our Sales team today to get a quote.

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    Tapzo smart stickers are a sticker version of our smart cards. Same technology, just in a sticker format.

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