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Tapzo Documentation / How To Guide

Please use the following guide to learn how to use your Tapzo card. If you are still having trouble, email Tapzo support here.

How to Use Your Tapzo Smart Business Card

Wake up screen or unlock smartphone.

Tap your Tapzo smart card on the smartphone’s NFC reader which is usually next to either front or back camera.

(Top tip: tap tapzo smart card on the same location where you tap your smartphone to use ApplePay/GooglePay)

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How to Edit Your Tapzo Profile

You can edit your profile on both a mobile and desktop, however for the best experience we recommend using a desktop.

Login to your Tapzo profile at tapzo.io/login

You will be presented with your Tapzo Dashboard.

Go to Edit Profile.

Fill out your profile details presented, this will go on your profile. If you don’t want a section on your profile, just leave it blank. 

For all links that you add to your profile, including social profiles; it’s recommended to use the full https:// url for security reasons.

To change the color of your profile elements paste the full color code in the color section. You can get any color code from: htmlcolorcodes.com

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How to Remove Tapzo Branding From Tapzo Profile

If you don’t want Tapzo branding at the bottom of your Tapzo profile, you have the option to pay a one time fee to remove this from your profile.

To do this, one your Tapzo Dashboard, click on where it says “Want to remove Tapzo branding from your Tapzo profile?“. Purchase the removal and that’s it.

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How to Earn as an Affiliate

You can earn 10% of each sale you refer to us. Every Tapzo customer automatically has access to our affiliate program.

If you’re not a customer you can apply to our affiliate program.

To access your Tapzo Affiliate Dashboard / or apply to the program, go to: https://tapzo.io/affiliate/

Share your custom affiliate url with anybody to get credited with the referal. 

As an affiliate you have access to your own custom coupons to share to help get more referrals. If someone uses your coupon on checkout, you will be credited with the referral.

You can access your custom coupon by clicking the coupon icon in your Tapzo Affiliate Dashboard. tapzo.io/affiliate/?tab=coupons#solid-affiliate-affiliate-portal_dashboard

As a Tapzo affiliate you also have access to our creative content to aid you promoting our brand and get more referrals.

You can access our creative content by clicking the creatives icon in your Tapzo Affiliate Dashboard. tapzo.io/affiliate/?tab=creatives#solid-affiliate-affiliate-portal_dashboard

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