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What is a Digital Business Card?

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Ever wondered what is a digital business card? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know.

Digital Business cards also known as Smart Business Cards, are physical business cards that have been enhanced with technology to make them more interactive and informative than a traditional business cards.

Are you looking to make a lasting first impression? A digital business card may be the answer! Here’s an overview of what these futuristic cards can do: they come embedded with NFC chips that allow your smartphone or other devices to quickly access all kinds of information – from contact details and social media profiles, to whatever else you want.

In a world where the impressions you make count, having an engaging digital business card is one of your most powerful marketing tools. These cards are programmed to create unforgettable moments with potential clients and customers – they use near-field communication (NFC) technology to give smartphone users instant access to all kinds of info about you, including contact details, social media accounts… You name it! Get ready for some next-level networking; step up your game by investing in a digital business card today!

When it comes to making a great impression on your clients or partners, why settle for the traditional business card solution? 8 billion of these paper cards end up in landfill each year. Instead, opt for an eco-friendly and interactive alternative – Digital Business Cards! Not only do they last decades instead of months but you can provide potential customers with instant access to all your online profiles, contact information, and more –allowing them direct access to contacting you easier than ever before. Stay green even when networking by investing in a smart business card today!

Order your own Tapzo smart business card today and join the networking revolution!

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