• Figuires shown are estimates. Whilst we can calculate actual figuires for your business, these are determined by many different factors.

    This form is an average representation for everyone so is using average assumptions.

    Calculations based on a conservative average consumption of 500 business cards a year, for a time period of 40 years. (Most people work for longer than 40 years).

    Lifetime Business Card Calculation:

    Average cost of 500 business cards £31.20 (average calculated from the top 10 business card printers in the UK).

    40 Years x 500 Business Cards = 20,000 business cards.

    20,000 business cards cost: 31.20 x 40 = £1248

    £1248 - £25 (Average cost of Tapzo card) = £1223

    CO2 Saved Calculation:

    We plant a tree for Tapzo user.

    1 tree over a lifetime removes 1000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

    Number of employees x 1000kg

    CO2 Prevented Calculation:

    Average CO2 per business card: 1.9g

    20,000 lifetime business cards x 1.9g = 38kg

    Water Saved:

    Average amount of water used to create a single business card: 137.7ml

    20,000 x 137.7ml = 2754 Litres

    Cut Trees Saved Calculation:

    On average 20,000 business cards can be made from 1 tree. So not only does every employee have a tree planted on their behalf, they also prevent 1 tree being cut down in the first place to create a lifetime of business cards.

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