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The award winning NFC business card, that saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

Share your contact info, links, social profiles and more in a modern, fast and sustainable way with Tapzo. 

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Emission Transparency

Tapzo emits on average 88% less CO2 and consumes 85% less energy than traditional business cards.

1000 Business Cards
1000 Uses with Tapzo
950g CO2
2.9 kWH Energy
Cost: £35 (avg)
No trees planted
Have to re-order when you run out / details need changing.
112g CO2
0.427 kWh Energy
Cost: £26.99 (avg)
Tree planted for every user
Can last a lifetime* so savings will continue to grow!

88.2% / 85.3% Reduction using Tapzo.

This comparison is calculated using 1000 business cards as a comparison. A Tapzo card can last a lifetime* so savings will continue to grow. 

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*Tapzo card can last forever. Our card is powered passively so theoretically can last a lifetime. It should be noted that if the card breaks or is lost then it will not last forever. 


The number of business cards that are thrown away every year.