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The Business of Business Cards


If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you know that exchanging business cards is par for the course. In fact, it’s estimated that 10 billion business cards are printed each year. That’s a lot of business cards! But here’s the thing: a whopping 8 billion of those business cards end up in the trash each year. Yep, trash and not recycled. (Majority of business cards have a laminate layer making them non-recyclable). So, why do we keep printing them? In this The Business of Business Cards blog post, we explore this question.

Part of the answer has to do with the way we view and use business cards. In North America, exchanging business cards is seen as a way to exchange basic contact information and perhaps make a brief connection with someone. The card itself is seen as largely expendable; something that can be quickly replaced if lost or damaged.

In many Asian cultures, exchanging business cards is seen as part of the formal greeting process. Unlike in North America, where you might exchange a card after shaking someone’s hand, in Asia it’s not uncommon to exchange business cards before even saying hello. The act of exchanging business cards is seen as a way to show respect and build relationships. As a result, much more care is taken in choosing the right card and ensuring that it’s presented in an attractive way.

Another major contributing factor is a bit of sheep syndrome. You see, most businesses have an assumption of what a business should have and do based on what everyone else is doing. One of those assumptions is; it’s expected to have a business card.

Whilst this is true, a business card can leave a good impression and is a valuable tool in networking. The reality is the majority of cards handed out end up thrown away because either the person was just being nice when accepting your card. Or doesn’t need it at this current moment in time.

Nonetheless, business cards clearly have a place in networking. But if only there was a way to share your details that were environmentally friendly and prevented your details from being forgotten or thrown out…You’ll be happy to know, there is!

Smart Business Cards are plastic business cards with a microchip inside them that store your data. Not just your contact details, but your social media profiles, perhaps your portfolio, links to business reports and case studies, etc.

They work by tapping the smart card onto a smartphone and instantly all details are transferred onto that smartphone. These cards last decades and only require having one card instead of hundreds, making them easier to carry and not be forgotten/run out of cards.

Our Tapzo Smart Cards are the future of networking. Update your Tapzo Profile anytime and have the details on your Tapzo Smart Card changed right away. Say goodbye to having to re-order every time you run out or change contact details.

There’s really no excuse not to use smart business cards these days. They’re better for the environment, more convenient to use, and will save you time and money in the long run. So ditch those old-fashioned paper business cards and make the switch to a Tapzo smart business card today!

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