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One card, two design options. 🔥

Choose whether to design your own card, or go with our standard design.
Custom Tapzo Smart Card

Create your own custom design using our online customizer

Choose between dark or multi colour standard Tapzo designs


Welcome to the future!

Exchange contact details, faster than ever.

Data Driven 📈

Track how many people have viewed your profile and downloaded your contact details. 


Network smarter

Stop losing networking connections and network smarter, not harder.

Share and save your details on the receiver’s smartphone with a tap of your Tapzo Smart Business Card. 


Update details anytime

Stop wasting cards, money and energy when re-printing because of a change or mistake.

Update your details anytime with your Tapzo account.


Switch with App

Don’t want a Tapzo profile? Use our app to switch your Tapzo Smart Business Card connection between:

Any Custom URL or Contact vCard or Tapzo Profile


Save money

The average value of a business card order is £50, every year.

Tapzo smart cards start at £19.99 and will last decades.

Discounts are available for ordering spare Tapzo smart cards / cards for multiple employees.


Networking data

Tapzo profiles come with tracking as standard.

So you can know how any people have viewed your profile as well as how many people have downloaded your contact details.


Save the Planet

88% of business cards end up thrown out within the first week, that’s 8 billion cards every year.

Despite being made out of “paper” most business cards are coated in plastic laminate making them non-recyclable.


Network smarter, not harder.

Goodbye to re-printing forever.