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Tapzo Smart Stickers


Pack of 6 Tapzo Smart Stickers.

Tapzo Smart NFC Stickers are the ultimate addition to your Tapzo smart business card.

NOTE: These stickers are not compatible with metal. If you are planning on sticking these stickers on a metal surface, please DON’T order these as they will not work. 

We can source metal proof stickers but this will come at an extra costs and the stickers will have to be a lot thicker. Get in contact with our sales team at: sales@tapzo.io

Use the Tapzo app to switch between having your Tapzo sticker linked to; your own Tapzo profile, any custom url, or a vCard.

Custom designs printed on stickers are only available for orders over 100 quantities. Get in contact with our sales team to enquire about custom-printed NFC tag stickers.

We ship worldwide! 🌍 (Excluding the EU)