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Canalside Moorings

- Casestudy

Canalside Moorings is based in the UK and provides hundreds of locations across the UK to Moore your canal boat. 

Canalside Moorings wanted a unique way for canal boat owners to get all the information they needed to Moore their boat. As well as remove the need to have an onsight person to give information to people as they arrive. 

Enter Tapzo. Canalside Moorings permanently fixed their Tapzo smart cards to the notice board located at each mooring location. That way nobody needs to interact with the canal boat when they arrive. All they have to do is tap the Tapzo smart card on the noticeboard.

Tapzo smart card type: Custom design printed

Tapzo smart card linked to option: Tapzo profile

Front of Tapzo Card
Back of Tapzo Card

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