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How Many Business Cards Are Thrown Out Each Year?


In a previous blog post, we answered just how many business cards are printed each year. But how many business cards are thrown out each year?

You may be shocked to discover that out of 10 billion cards printed each year, 8 billion will be thrown out within the first week.

Business cards are a ubiquitous part of the professional world, but many people don’t realize just how wasteful and environmentally damaging the process of printing and tossing them can be. Each year, billions of business cards are printed, only to be thrown out just a week later.

These discarded cards account for a significant amount of waste in our environment, contributing to landfills and negatively impacting our planet. They also use up valuable resources like trees, petroleum products, water, and other chemicals that are needed elsewhere.

So what can we do to reduce this impact? One option is to join the networking revolution and use a Tapzo smart business card.

Smart Business Cards are plastic business cards with a microchip inside them that store your data. Not just your contact details, but your social media profiles, portfolio, links to your online store or business reports and case studies, etc.

They work by tapping the smart card onto a smartphone and instantly all details are transferred onto that smartphone. These cards last decades rather than months as paper cards do, and only require having one card instead of hundreds, making them easier to carry and not be forgotten/run out of cards.

Our Tapzo Smart Cards are the future of networking. Update your Tapzo Profile anytime and have the details on your Tapzo Smart Card changed right away. Say goodbye to having to re-order every time you run out or change contact details.

If we embrace this networking revolution, we can help reduce the negative impacts of printing so many business cards each year. By reducing our reliance on paper products and making more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives, we can help protect the environment for future generations.

Order your Tapzo smart business card today.

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Share all your contact details, social links and more onto a smartphone with one tap.